How to Download Covid Vaccine Certificate 2022

This post will be important for you if you have also taken Corona Virus Vaccine, because in this post I am going to tell you how you can download Corona Vaccine Certificate, and how to get it without OTP of mobile number.

About 60% of people in India have taken any of the doses of CO-VACCINE / COVID SHIELD and its fourth dose may occur and doctors estimate that it may be more severe than before. So if you haven’t taken VACCINE yet, contact the nearest health center now or book online.

How to download the covid Certificate?

Friends, there are many ways to download the VACCINE Certificate. You can use it to find your certificate in PDF format.

Website Co-Win
Paytm Get
Digilocker Get
Umang Get

How To Download VACCINE Certificate by Co-win Site?

To get the easiest and quickest certificate, go to “Google”, search for VACCINE CERTIFICATE and click on the first link, then you will go to Co-Win home page, then click on the “Register / Singin” option. (Number must be active) Enter the number that you provided at the time of taking VACCINE. After that number “OTP” will be received, place it and continue, now you can see your certificate and this number with anyone in VACCINE certificate You can download the certificate by clicking on the Certificate option again.

How To Download VACCINE Certificate by Paytm?

If you are using PAYTM and you want to download the certificate from that app then open PAYTM then click on “MY PAYTM” option then “All Services” and finally click on “PAYTM HEALTH” option then enter the mobile number in front of you. After that, if you enter “OTP”, your certificate will be shown and you can download it from now on.

How To Download VACCINE Certificate by Digilocker App ?

To download the Certificate from Digilocker first, you need to install the app, open the app and activate “Digilocker” to give your complete important details. Then on the home page, you will see the Central Government option. “Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. Once you go to this option, you will reach the next step of downloading your certificate. Here you will see two options – COVID Certificate. Now enter your Beneficiary ID and click on Get Documents. Your certificate will start downloading immediately.

How to Download Certificate By Umang app?

To download “COVID” Certificate with UMANG App, you need to install UMANG App and after registering and opening the app you will see CO-WIN. After clicking here you will see many options. From there you have to click on the download option. After that you have to enter the mobile number (here you have to enter the number that you gave at the time of taking the vaccine)After that, if you give “OTP”, select the benefactor in front of you and after clicking on download, you will start downloading the certificate.

How to download a Vaccine certificate without mobile number?

To get the vaccine certificate without mobile number, you can go to the place where you got the vaccine and get the certificate by contacting.


Lastly, if you have been vaccinated, then it will be necessary to download your certificate, so I have discussed this topic in very simple language in this post. And I said these steps may change a bit as a result of their store update. If you like this post, you can share this post with your family and friends so that they too can know about it – Thanks

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